Our Confidence Chambers

Our Attorneys will give you the Professional Legal Services you desire, and more. We are one of Nigeria’s leading, Commercial Law Practitioners, with Partners across the Globe. Our Attorneys understand the challenges faced by businesses and individuals, and are abreast with world–class expert advice and solutions that will advance your life.

Our Service areas include:

 Cross-border investment, mergers, acquisitions, reviews and advice on entry strategy into Nigeria and other nations.

 Drafting and Negotiation of Cross-Border Consumption, Franchising, Distribution and Agency Agreements and Employment.

 Drafting and Negotiation of Joint Venture Agreements, Partnerships, Consortium Agreements
and Strategic Alliances.

 Corporate Restructuring and Reorganization through Mergers and Acquisitions,Divestitures, Management buy-out/buy-in, Capital Reconstruction, Asset Stripping, Disposals and liquidation.

 Commercial arbitration.

 Due Diligenceinvestigations preceding local investments and cross-border acquisition of businesses.

 Licensing and Regulatory Compliance and Advisory Services.

 Other Company Representation and Secretarial Services.

 Land/Property Purchases and Sales

 Searches, Verification and Documentation

 Registration and Procurement of Titles

 Compliance Assessment

 Construction Advisory

 Leases and Evictions

 Development and Management Services

 Representation Services.

 Legal Representation

 Regulatory Process Review

 Legislative Drafting and Support Services

 Constitutional and Administrative Law Advisory Services

 All Other Public Law Issues.

 Advisory on Business and Leisure Trips

 Procurement of Affordable Hotels/Apartments.

 Advisory Services on Packaging of Application Documents, and Appeal Processes.

 Assistance in Navigate the Application Process to secure Business Visas and Permits.

 Civil Litigation

 Commercial Litigation

 Representation at Arbitral Tribunal

 Tax Litigation and,

 Negotiation Processes.

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