Munik Bell Edu-Consult

At our Munik Bell Edu-Consult, we offer admission assistance to all prospective Nigerian and International students into our partner Universities. We determine, together with our clients, Course that best fit their abilities, interests and aspirations.

Our analytical assessment of student’s candidacy ensures a comprehensive resolution of their admission challenges and boosts their chances of acceptance.

We guide prospective students in the selection of test dates that will work with their schedules, taking into account, family events, extracurricular activities, and holidays. We also help in finding financial aids if required.

Our Trained Educational Advisers assist in answering questions about;

• Entry requirements for study;
• Finding courses that are appropriate;
• Sourcing of financial assistance;
• Handling and Preparing all application requirements;
• Planning student’s education;
• Coaching Students on adjusting to life in the Country of admission;
• Advising on fitting into life after student’s return to Nigeria.

Indeed, at our MB Edu-Consult, we make sure that our students succeed in getting their visa as our professional approach and guidance improves their chance of obtaining a visa.

We assist our students all through the visa application process and securing convenient interview appointment dates, and document preparation. Our visa officers are always up to date with the latest visa information.
We give our students time-tested and latest information on:

• Documents required for visa;
• Guidance on financial documentation;
• Visa application procedures;
• Preparation through mock sessions;
• Guide through expected questions and answers;
• Tips and tricks for interview success.

Our staff are ICEF Trained Agent Counselors, and we pride in our unique services.

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